Dolthaia's saying 55

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 100 lbs.

Birthplace: Medlin, Canodria

Preferred Weapon: Dagger/Spell Casting

Preferred Spell: Illusory Deception

Orphaned at a young age, Dolthaia and her sister grew up on the unforgiving streets of the Canodrian capitol city of Medlin. Gifted with a quick wit, a penchant for getting out of trouble (most of which she initiated) and lightning fast reflexes, she became a very able and effective pickpocket. She and her sister scraped together as meager an existence as they could until her sister was kidnaped and taken from her. Distraught and without hope, Dolthaia thought her life over until it was discovered that she had a Spark of the Magics in the Strand of Necromancy.

Accepting the offer of training proposed by the Necromancers (though, in truth, the Necromancers never offer – they order), she embarked down the path of magical study as a Necromantic neophyte. Joined by a spoiled noble, she now finds herself embroiled in the greatest fight the Known Kingdoms have ever experienced, with the very fate of mankind held in the balance. Will her Necromantic skills keep her safe in the war to come? How will her presence influence events surrounding the Pride?

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Jason’s Blog: Canodrian Red Cougars



Martial Arts: Gze Kunan Dei

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

If I were to create a martial arts system in the Known Kingdoms, this would be my take on it. As a huge fan of the world of Necromancers’ Pride, I just love imagining what the world might be like. I hope you enjoy my imaginary take on the world!

On the contrary to love and compassion, we have my perception of an anthological martial arts form in the Known Kingdoms. Gze Kunan Dei, or “Way of Energy”.

Gze Kunan Dei’s origins come from the elite military of Canodria, the Canodrian Red Cougars. From training day one to academy graduation, soldiers learn deadly techniques and the fundamentals of Gze Kunan Dei. The focus of Gze Kunan Dei uses the opponent’s energies and weight to their advantage. From something as simple as a punch or a takedown from the ground, Gze Kunan Dei has a technique for that specific purpose. In the real world, some may identify Gze Kunan Dei as modern day Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts).

The Red Cougars train exhaustively to their mental and physical “breaking point” to continue the fight no matter what the circumstances. They would much rather swing their lifeless arm at their foe before giving up. Their training establishes a prudent sense of awareness outside the battlefield. But on the battlefield, these soldiers will show no mercy.

During the ongoing abeyant conflict of Canodria – Medoic, Red Cougars train anxiously to get onto the battlefield and defeat their foe. King Tharster of Medoic knows about the Red Cougars’ training and is willing to accept the challenge. Medoic’s elite fighting force is training too. Its just a matter of time before the two armies clash.

Join me next week when we cover the fighting style of Medoic’s elite fighting force, the “Kings Guard”.

See ya next week!


Remus saying 55

Remus saying 55


Height: 5’9″

Weight: 247 lbs.

Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Hammer/Spell casting

Preferred Spell: Mystical Forging/Weapon Enchantment

The Strand of the Magics known as the Battle Magi is broken down into two distinct sects: the Warrior Conjurors – those Magi gifted with the ability to evoke powerful spells of destructive force, and the Weapon Masters – those Magi whose powers lie in the enchantment and creation of weapons. Though the Weapon Masters cannot wield the devastating spells of the Warrior Conjurors, they are of equal importance due to the magical enchantments they can cast on weapons. Indeed, since so few of either sect of Battle Magi now exist in the Known Kingdoms, they are highly prized and sought after by every ruling faction in the lands.

Of the latter sect, there is no more skilled practitioner than Remus. His abilities to forge magical weapons, like his mighty war hammer, and enchant non-magical weapons of exemplary make are without equal. Feeling most at home designing and building weapons, gadgets and armor of the highest magical caliber, he tends to shun the company of others. He is far more comfortable with objects that are forged than with beings that are birthed. His acerbic attitude and generally foul disposition belie the loyalty and heart of a lion. He will give his life without question for those he deems worthy. Will his skills at forging weapons be enough to keep the Pride safe? Can his unique and mighty inventions turn the tide of battle against the growing armada of darkness that threatens to rip the world apart?

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Caiya’s Blog: Quotes



I think that there are a lot of quite brilliant quotes out in books today. Like one my friend, an aspiring author, wrote on a free publishing site called Wattpad:

“Oh yeah one more thing. I was staring at you because my eyes could not resist the beauty amongst the room. Constellation, I am deeply in love with you.” -Tape from Constellation by 0QueenCreative0 on Wattpad.

See what I mean? And she’s only twelve. Also, my Wattpad is “FluffehMouse” if you want to follow or check out what I write and/or read. I am one of those authors that writes in every different type of genre. Anyway, more to the quotes. A few quotes from Necromancers’ Pride are:

“The woman will take care of what the man cannot.” -Harper

“Kindness, Claxis, I don’t just reserve it for sniveling little nobles.” -Dolthaia

“I’m ready for some trouble if you want to be about it!” -Eryk

“We are honored to have you here. It is truly the realization of a lifetime of dreams.” -Laycindial

“Then it is time for me to visit my armory, to prepare to do battle with the nightmares made flesh.” -Remus

Those are some my favorite quotes so far, and I have one of my own:

“Life is like a game of checkers. Every move and choice counts, so choose wisely. And when you’re pressed up against a corner, then someone can either save you, or you can take a chance.” ~ Caiya

Stay Posted.

Corwyn Du’Serradyn

Corwyn Du'Serradyn's saying 55

Corwyn Du'Serradyn's saying 55

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Birthplace: Silverton, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Enchanted hand-and-a-half sword ~ Taryn

Unique Ability: Heart’s Eye

Corwyn is a character study in confliction. From an early age, he was forced to battle between his commitments to his family and those commitments thrust upon him by others. Having lost his parents at a young age, he was soon after taken from the only family he had left, his brother Alec, and sent off to the Glass Tower to begin his training as an Oslyn.

He flourished under the tutelage of the great Oslyn masters, but never truly felt at home at the Glass Tower. Always yearning to return to his hometown of Silverton in the northernmost reaches of Aldara and reconnect with his brother, he never gained the comfort with his growing skillsets that the other Oslyn cadets did. According to his closest friend at the tower, the talented and self-assured Wren, Corwyn’s biggest problem was that he thought too much about what he couldn’t do, and trusted too little in what he could.

Still and all, Corwyn’s battle prowess and martial skill increased greatly, as did his ability to tap into his Heart’s Eye, that place in an Oslyn’s being that allows them an almost magical capacity to heighten all of their senses to the peak of human potential. It was this ability, along with fate’s ever-unexpected involvement, that led Corwyn to Velladriana.

Conflicted again by a new duty having been thrust upon him, Corwyn must now battle his insecurities and jumbled emotions as he endeavors to keep the Pride safe, leading her on a journey whose final destination is a mystery even to himself.

Corwyn and Velladriana’s connection is far deeper and more powerful than either one realizes. What is this strange bond that attaches them to each other? How will it affect the world around them? How much will they both sacrifice to save the Known Kingdoms of Tarune?

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