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May 28, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Mystical Forging


Spells: Mystical Forging

Strand: Battle Magi

School: Weapon Master

Primary component minerals: Steel, granite, ruby, quartz

Application: Weapons

Process: Spell casting can take from one afternoon to an entire week, stopping only for short periods of rest of no more than fifteen minutes, depending on the complexity of the weapon being forged. The forge must be heated to at least 1000 degrees in order to properly fuse the magics with the weapon being created.

Despite typical misconceptions, the type of weapon does not determine the time of the spell casting or creation. It is the power of the enchantment being placed on the weapon that determines the length of spell casting. The requisite component minerals listed above are spent in the conjuring of the magics necessary for the enchantment: they do not constitute the materials necessary to create the weapon itself.

Once the metal, wood or stone to be created has been enchanted, the forging of the magical weapon may commence. The skill of the Magus at the forge is of primary importance in determining the time of creation. Once a forge has been used as a place for magical enchantment, it lends a certain strength to any weapon forged there, whether any magics are used on that weapon or not. As such, those forges are highly prized and vigorously defended. Once an item is enchanted, the forge must be given at least one full night of non-use in order to restore the balance of the magical energies inherent in the stone of the forge.

It is a rare usage of the magics with the lessening numbers of Battle Magi that exist. A truly powerful magical weapon is now a rare and extremely valued artifact.

To learn more about spell casting on Tarune, along with all the other unique and diverse characters that inhabit the world of Necromancers’ Pride, CLICK HERE to get your copies today.

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May 27, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Caiya’s Blog: A Day in the Life – Healers

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A Day in the Life of a Healer

Hey guys!

So, today I am planning to write about what to do if you plan to be a Healer in Tarune.

Here is a typical day’s schedule in Juilena’s Healing Spa.

Juilena’s Healing Spa: because everyone needs healing through their soul, mind, and body.

Once you arrive to work at Juilena’s, go to the back room. You should have your standard yellow smock on with Juilena’s logo on it, along with the standard yellow pants and your yellow, long-sleeved shirt.

Since you have already gotten the job, you have completed your requirements, Healers do magic too, of course.

Put your hair up (if you can) and lather your hands and arms with the florescent pink lotion, for it will remove all harmful bacteria.

Next, rinse your face in the sink made of clear gemstones located farthest from the door.

After you prepare in the backroom, go to your assigned alcove with your name-plaque on it.

Make it as soothing as possible in your work environment.

-Prepare the table-bed in the center of the room.

-Light the various candles so it feels calming.

-Light environmentally safe incense of your choice, depending on what mood you want to set. (Ocean, sleepy, protected, healing, ect.)

-Enchant the Lentros (lighting) spell onto your colored rocks in the wall.

Once you “set the tone,” you are ready for your first client.

Remember – sanitation and safety first. Put on your clear facial cleaning mask.

Below are the directions, the most basic ones, for the internal (organs) and external (skin, body) treatment.

-Once the patient arrives, give them a covering cloth and they will tell you EXACTLY where on their external body they want to be healed. Cast your Spell of Tailoring onto the cloth and help the patient into it.

  1. Once your patient is safely on the bed, cast the Spell of Blissful Slumber onto your patient.
  2. Place the translucent, oil-like Healing gel on the face, upper arms, and feet.
  3. Place the glowing orange oil everywhere else on the (external) body.
  4. Grab the glowing green stone off the wall and incant Chant #431 onto them. MAKE SURE THE GREEN STONE HOVERS DIRECTLY OVER THEIR FACE.
  5. Place all 12 pitch-black Salve Stones on the requisite organs necessary to complete the desired Healing.
  6. Incant Chant #134x onto them.
  7. Keep the incantation active for EXACTLY 124.1 minutes, then grab the floating green stone. It ends the session.

    Your patient’s Healing is complete.
    Yay! That’s how you preform a basic External and Internal Body Spa Treatment for Healers.

    Stay posted!



May 26, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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The Warrior’s Call

In honor of Memorial Day, we want to take a moment to honor our veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Below is a poem from General Walder Darkcross, chief commander of the cavalry element of the dreaded Viper’s Legions, written on the eve of the bloody and savage Battle of Velhadris. It was written to his nine month old son, whom he had never met due to his service to the Ivory Crown of Morilan. His son will never get to know his father, as General Darkcross fell in defense of the city.


Through steel and fire, our breath drew still,

Through memory and pain, the hardened will.

The field ever shimmers, with anxious repose,

Of impending cries, of invited throes.

Into this maelstrom, we gladly commit,

Full lives for glory, our payment remit.

No need to question, the answer at hand,

Brother to brother, we lie where we stand.

The outcome understood, the butcher’s bill rendered,

Every step gained, but never surrendered.

The cost fully known, into battle we ride,

The warrior’s call, we fall side by side.

We salute our warriors. We thank them for placing themselves in the path of danger in order to keep us safe. We honor those who have given their lives in defense of all the liberties we hold dear.

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May 22, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part I)

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Today, lore that most are unable to delineate… The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft

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As always, this story and its subsequent chapters are not to be considered canon in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Rather, they are just my take on the lore already created in the world of Tarune. Wouldn’t it be cool if it did exist, though?

Orhalium is a crucial element that fuels magical energies to thrive. It is essential in many magical incantations from each of the four main Strands of the Magics. A highly sought after mineral, it is very rare and can only be obtained in the northern Nortgard Forest. In an effort to bring coin and commerce into wild region, the inhabitants of Silverton, including a Magus skilled in earthen works, opened a mine with the express goal of retreaving the highly prized stone.

After a month of hard labor excavating the mine of most of the Orhalium in the cave, a murder occurred. The leader of the operation, Mr. Fyre was brutally murdered by a devastating strike to the back of the skull with a rusty pickaxe. The murderer was also murdered … but by whom? That still remains a mystery to this day. The mineshaft was closed down shortly after to prevent any future murders in the cave.

Many of the townspeople in Silverton believe there are supernatural beings that haunt the mineshaft. Lower level Necromancers have entered the mineshaft, initiating seances to try and communicate with said supernatural beings, if indeed any exist there. The few Necromancers to endeavor to commune with the supposed spirits disappeared. With the secluded location of Silverton, the Necromantic hierarchy did little to discern the loss of their brethren. To the Necromancers in the distant Crag Drannon, the loss from this plane of existence of a few lower Magi was not a cause of concern. It was instead viewed as a positive, that the planes of existence beyond this one were vibrant and hungry. Travelers that have wandered aimlessly into the dangerous mineshaft are never heard from again.

It was ostensible for most of the people of Silverton that something was killing everyone intrepid enough to enter the cave. Was it possible that spirits endemic to the mineshaft kill all who trespass into their over world territory … or worse? There is only one piece of physical evidence that leaves everyone speechless and striving for answers, a tunnel that leads to a secret room with no light shining in, no trace of living presence. It is a cold, empty, dark room of stone. This curious room gives way to another theory: was it one of the miners who killed everyone, dragging the bodies to an empty area for someone or something to dispose of the bodies?

Join me next week when we delve more deeply into Mr. Fyre’s death and the potential killers in this three part series of the Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft…

Let me know who you think the murderer might be in the comments.

See ya next week!

D&D3 Book Of Vile Darkness

May 21, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Characters: beginnings and endings.

D&D3 Book Of Vile Darkness

With the departure of the king of late night television, David Letterman, I was of the mind to speak of beginnings and endings. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, there are various characters that are introduced and subsequently disappear. That is the beauty of creating a world and peopling it with interesting characters. The richness and diversity of the tapestry that is the world of Tarune is fabricated from its characters.

We get to known these beings. We see facets of ourselves through them. Our characters, no matter how short their visits on the pages may be, are very important to us. They are the vibrant notes to our song, to quote a Weaver turn of phrase.

A reviewer has likened even the world itself to a character. In point of fact, that is exactly what we wanted. Moving from one environment and landscape to the next adds as much to the story as do the people and creatures themselves. When you, as a reader, leave an area or a character behind, that character and location continue to exist in our minds. D.W. and I often talk of the ramifications of our plot choices and contextual twists and turns on characters that readers may not ever see again.

Why? Well, because we are fantasy dorks, for one, but mainly because it helps to add depth and dimension to our world. If we care about the characters you might never again see, then than adds a sincerity and honesty to the creation of the world that comes across on the pages. The world of Necromancers’ Pride is alive, it breathes and grows. It has beginnings, middles and endings, just like life.

How do we know when a character must depart? When that character has done what is necessary to push the story and your understanding of the world along. Some characters die. Yes, folks, it is a cold cruel world. Some unfairly get away. Yep, the bad guy doesn’t always get his comeuppance. That is called life. Other characters ride off into the sunset (a bit of a literary cliché, we know, but still poignant if used effectively).

So, just like Dave, leaving the theater and disappearing on foot into the New York night, we say goodbye to some characters. Just like whoever is meant to replace Dave, we say hello to some new ones. As with all of them, we are committed to giving the new faces you see the same attention to detail that has enraptured you with the old.

What are the best things about endings? Why, the beginnings that follow them, of course.

What characters do you remember fondly? This is your community. Share with us.