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August 4, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Compromise and Collaboration


As I have been recently alluding, none to subtly, by the way, we are gearing for a huge surprise for all of our Priders out there. It will be a fantastic way to add to the world and allow you a more hands on opportunity to be involved with Necromancers’ Pride. As the time gets closer for the big Reveal, D.W. and I have been working diligently to make sure everything is as close to perfect as can be achieved.

To that end, we ran into a bit of a bump in the road that had to be ironed out in the development of two of our powerful female characters. I’d like to tell you it was a knock down, drag out affair, with both sides sustaining massive casualties until I, being right and just, finally vanquished my foe. That is just the bard and poet in me. Although, in point of fact, my victories would be absolute and flawless should the push come to the proverbial shove, but that’s beside the point.

To be honest, having worked together for so long, we did not argue or fight, but rather, worked to listen to the other to find a win-win scenario in dealing with the characters. To give you the specifics would be to disclose far more information on the big Reveal than we would like. Suffice to say, we had to find intelligent, purposeful and understanding compromise in order to maintain the best for the world.

I bring this up today because I want all of you who have shared with me that you are working to create your own art to know that compromise is essential in bringing your visions to life. Much of the artistic process involves a collaborative effort to bring the work to fruition and get it to consumers. In this social media age, when there are myriad platforms to get your message or vision across, you will have to, at some point, rely on the skillsets of others. That is not a bad thing and it does not sully the purity of the vision you have in your mind’s eye.

Everyone needs to work together to enrich the artistic community. Be it as a series of novels, an exhibit of photographs, a piece for the theatre, collection of songs or major motion picture, collaboration and cooperation are vital for the success of your projects.

Disclaimer: I know I have left out plenty of worthy art forms, but you get the idea.

Never be afraid to do what is best for your project. D.W. and I feel as though we have a great fix to our small bump, and from that bump will spring a mighty mountain. Perhaps we shall call it Elderstone.

What collaborations have enriched you the most?

July 31, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: Tomb of the Deity

The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: Tomb of the Deity


Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is part two of the mystical wonders of Tarune! Last week was “The Planet Artifact.” Today, is an artifact that has been around long before the apocalypse of the Mourning Night, this is the Tomb of the Deity!

DISCLAIMER: This is a continuation of the series Mystical Wonders of Tarune. All content stated in today’s blog is fictional. This is my addition to the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were to exist in Tarune?

This is an interesting wonder of Tarune. The tomb is rests at the bottom of the Charid Ocean, but the Charid ocean does not cover the tomb. HOW? The magics wild and unstable energy in the region keep the water from flowing above and into the tomb, preserving the structure of the tomb so that it would not ruin it and become a lost memory of those who used to live on the coastline of Medoic.

The story behind this physics defying building is a warehouse of many sarcophagi of the ancient civilization known as the Uluno. The Uluno were the first people to discover the random tomb and made it the worshiping grounds of their gods. After decades of praying and worshiping and giving sacrifices to their gods, a magical entity appeared amongst the Uluno. But this was not one of their gods, it was an evil spirit they named the “Deity”. The Deity condemned the Uluno from worshiping their old system of gods or else they would fear the wrath of hell itself. The Uluno submitted and bowed down to the Deity who sought to control their lives for the rest of their existence.

Then, a magical uprising occurred. Oracles from all the known kingdoms converged onto the tomb, tackling the mighty power of the Deity. They were finally able to capture the Deity inside the tomb for the rest of time, locked inside with no escape. In order to keep the Deity trapped inside, every thousand years at the peak of the Caredon Cycle, a new volunteer skilled in Oracle magics has to recast the same spell as the others did so long ago. With the peak of the Cycle approaching and significantly less Oracles, many fear that the Deity will be released back into Tarune to cause havoc once again…

Thus the name; “Tomb of the Deity”.

I sure had a TON of fun writing this week’s blog and there are still a few ore Mystical Wonders of Tarune we have to delve into!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see ya next week!!

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July 30, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Quote of the Day: A Throwback to Youth

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.32.49 AM


In honor of the newly established trend in throwing back to Thursday’s of the past, I wanted to throwback to a lesson from my own.

My father taught me this lesson, countless Thursdays ago.

Simple post, strong message. KEEP BELIEVING IN YOU!

What lesson from your past holds true for you today?

This is your community. Share with us.

July 29, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Caiya’s Blog: New Characters

Hey guys!

I’m gonna continue (and finish) the characters from a few weeks before.

This time, the inspiration will be the authors of the books!

Name: Theryn Drakemoor

Based off of: Charles D. Carpenter

Weapon: Turgon Sword

image1 (2)

Good/Neutral/Evil: Good

Place of Origin: Unknown, but in a mountainous area, for he tells of his tales set in a mountain range.

Appearance: Brown leather armor with a silver breastplate and embellishments, short brown- cropped hair, dark brown eyes, and a silver cloak that can make him invisible.

Aura: Blue

/\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\/\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\/\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\/\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\/\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ Name: Skii Kanahath
Based off of: D. W. Jones
Weapon: Mablung Axe

image2 (1)

Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Place of Origin: Traveling, never in one place in his youth.

Appearance: Black iron armor and gold cloak to delude magic. Aura: Red
That’s it! Hope you enjoyed!
Stay posted!


July 28, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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The Excitement Grows!!



All systems are go for the next phase in the evolution of Necromancers’ Pride! What is this evolution? We have hinted at it in previous posts. We have whispered it. The Weavers have chanted its subtle strains on the zephyrs that carry across the horizons.

We have made no secret in wanting to offer other ways in which to interact with the world we have all come to cherish, and the characters we have all come to love…and hate. With this past Sunday’s success, we move ever closer to that reality.

Hold tight, fellow Priders…the excitement grows!!

What exciting innovations do you think we have in store?

Share with us. This is your community.