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May 22, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part I)

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Today, lore that most are unable to delineate… The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft

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As always, this story and its subsequent chapters are not to be considered canon in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Rather, they are just my take on the lore already created in the world of Tarune. Wouldn’t it be cool if it did exist, though?

Orhalium is a crucial element that fuels magical energies to thrive. It is essential in many magical incantations from each of the four main Strands of the Magics. A highly sought after mineral, it is very rare and can only be obtained in the northern Nortgard Forest. In an effort to bring coin and commerce into wild region, the inhabitants of Silverton, including a Magus skilled in earthen works, opened a mine with the express goal of retreaving the highly prized stone.

After a month of hard labor excavating the mine of most of the Orhalium in the cave, a murder occurred. The leader of the operation, Mr. Fyre was brutally murdered by a devastating strike to the back of the skull with a rusty pickaxe. The murderer was also murdered … but by whom? That still remains a mystery to this day. The mineshaft was closed down shortly after to prevent any future murders in the cave.

Many of the townspeople in Silverton believe there are supernatural beings that haunt the mineshaft. Lower level Necromancers have entered the mineshaft, initiating seances to try and communicate with said supernatural beings, if indeed any exist there. The few Necromancers to endeavor to commune with the supposed spirits disappeared. With the secluded location of Silverton, the Necromantic hierarchy did little to discern the loss of their brethren. To the Necromancers in the distant Crag Drannon, the loss from this plane of existence of a few lower Magi was not a cause of concern. It was instead viewed as a positive, that the planes of existence beyond this one were vibrant and hungry. Travelers that have wandered aimlessly into the dangerous mineshaft are never heard from again.

It was ostensible for most of the people of Silverton that something was killing everyone intrepid enough to enter the cave. Was it possible that spirits endemic to the mineshaft kill all who trespass into their over world territory … or worse? There is only one piece of physical evidence that leaves everyone speechless and striving for answers, a tunnel that leads to a secret room with no light shining in, no trace of living presence. It is a cold, empty, dark room of stone. This curious room gives way to another theory: was it one of the miners who killed everyone, dragging the bodies to an empty area for someone or something to dispose of the bodies?

Join me next week when we delve more deeply into Mr. Fyre’s death and the potential killers in this three part series of the Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft…

Let me know who you think the murderer might be in the comments.

See ya next week!

D&D3 Book Of Vile Darkness

May 21, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Characters: beginnings and endings.

D&D3 Book Of Vile Darkness

With the departure of the king of late night television, David Letterman, I was of the mind to speak of beginnings and endings. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, there are various characters that are introduced and subsequently disappear. That is the beauty of creating a world and peopling it with interesting characters. The richness and diversity of the tapestry that is the world of Tarune is fabricated from its characters.

We get to known these beings. We see facets of ourselves through them. Our characters, no matter how short their visits on the pages may be, are very important to us. They are the vibrant notes to our song, to quote a Weaver turn of phrase.

A reviewer has likened even the world itself to a character. In point of fact, that is exactly what we wanted. Moving from one environment and landscape to the next adds as much to the story as do the people and creatures themselves. When you, as a reader, leave an area or a character behind, that character and location continue to exist in our minds. D.W. and I often talk of the ramifications of our plot choices and contextual twists and turns on characters that readers may not ever see again.

Why? Well, because we are fantasy dorks, for one, but mainly because it helps to add depth and dimension to our world. If we care about the characters you might never again see, then than adds a sincerity and honesty to the creation of the world that comes across on the pages. The world of Necromancers’ Pride is alive, it breathes and grows. It has beginnings, middles and endings, just like life.

How do we know when a character must depart? When that character has done what is necessary to push the story and your understanding of the world along. Some characters die. Yes, folks, it is a cold cruel world. Some unfairly get away. Yep, the bad guy doesn’t always get his comeuppance. That is called life. Other characters ride off into the sunset (a bit of a literary cliché, we know, but still poignant if used effectively).

So, just like Dave, leaving the theater and disappearing on foot into the New York night, we say goodbye to some characters. Just like whoever is meant to replace Dave, we say hello to some new ones. As with all of them, we are committed to giving the new faces you see the same attention to detail that has enraptured you with the old.

What are the best things about endings? Why, the beginnings that follow them, of course.

What characters do you remember fondly? This is your community. Share with us.

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May 20, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Caiya’s Blog: On the trading block.

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Hey guys! Caiya here!

Today, I am going to show you a work from someone in an underwater village.

It was washed up from the beaches and found by another child, which was traded for some bacon (I don’t really blame him) to a butcher, which was sold to a merchant, which was sold to a Necromancer, then it was looted from the Necromancer and the Necromancer got killed. It is now in a museum.

Yes, this paper in a golden bottle is expensive and has gone through a lot.The thing that has been through so many hands. Let’s read it, shall we?


200 Winters after the Battle of Miliarkei, we still suffer from the loss of so many warriors and friends.

But today, we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of winning the Battle. We will feast and give praise to the King Diamtrius, our kind, noble ruler.

In a hundred years, it is prophesied this paper will be in a museum, after undergoing a series of trades.

The future is near, fellow comrades.

Yay! Short, yet sweet post for today.

Stay posted!

DJONES green knight

May 19, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Of Friendship and Thanks

DJONES green knight

Necromancers’ Pride is a story of survival. It is a story of hope. It is a story of duty, duty to those weaker than oneself, duty to responsibilities larger than oneself and duty to commitments more important than oneself. It is a story about overcoming adversity. Necromancers’ Pride is, in short, a story about life.

Certainly, there are differences in the world of Tarune than the world we inhabit here on earth. We have science, Tarune has the magics. Our planet has a molten core, Tarune has a solid core. The physics and laws of nature differ in the two worlds. That is what makes the story on Tarune an interesting fiction. It is of a place that allows us a divorce from the laws and regulations of our day-to-day lives here on Earth. That is the magic of fantasy. It lets us believe in places unseen. It lets our imaginations soar.

That having been said, the best of fantasy fictions are the ones that tie the most important elements of the human condition to those magical realms and foreign rules of law and nature. We can visit alien realms, but we must experience them through human eyes – be those characters human themselves or not.

The characters and how they relate to their environment and to each other are what are ultimately at the core of Necromancers’ Pride. Their stories, their motivations and drives, their strengths and shortcomings attach them to us and make us want to believe in the magics of Tarune. So, at its core, Necromancers’ Pride is a story about the human condition, about relationships, about friendships.

Corwyn needs Velladriana and she needs him. Crispin and Dolthaia count on Reese for survival. Harper, Eryk and Rogen are there for each other. All of them rely on all of the others for safety in the face of the most difficult of adversities.

There is one person on whom I rely when it comes to creating the world of Necromancers’ Pride. I want to dedicate today’s post to my writing partner, D.W.

Thank you, D.W., for bringing the world of Necromancers’ Pride to life. In every aspect of the creative process, D.W. is the catalyst and engine of creativity and success. We have many exciting surprises in store for you, our amazing readers. There would not be a single one of them without the innovation and talent of D.W.

Yes, I am more handsome. Yes, I am wittier. Yes, I am far more erudite … what was a talking about again? Oh, yes, D.W. He is not only an amazing author, but an even more incredible human being. The humanity and realism instilled in every character you read is a result of D.W.’s meticulous attention to detail. Every voice is accurate and honest because of him. Every image is true because of his creative eye.

Necromancers’ Pride is a story of friendship, of the truest elements of human nature. I would be remise in my duty to the story if I did not take a moment to thank the creative force behind this magic. Thank you, D.W. Thank you, my friend.

What aspects of the world of Necromancers’ Pride are your favorite? This is your community. Share with us.


May 15, 2015
by Charles David Carpenter
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Jason’s Blog: The National Griffoxball Association


Sports: The NGA: National Griffoxball Association

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I decided to have a little bit of un this week, heres the backstory.

Recently I have been following the NBA Playoffs, and I had no idea what to do my blog on this week, until it hit me. Sports! Today I’d like to talk about the Sport: Griffoxball.

DISCLAIMER: As with all my blogs, these are just my fictional creations to add to the layers of fantasy that is the world of Necromancers’ Pride. If I were to create something in the world, it would be this. They don’t really exist…but wouldn’t it be neat if they did?

How does one play Griffoxball? Its simple!

You have two periods. The length of the periods are determined by a sundial on the top of the arena. The objective of the game is to score as many goals as you can. This is set up by having an offense and a defense. Each side has five minutes to prepare before the start of each period. The offense sets up three movable catapults that are loaded with leather balls to attempt to score on the enemy goals. The defense sets up three, one time moveable strategic goal placements for the offense to attempt to score on. Each of the three have to be within a tow point area, a three point area, and a four point area. The defense’s objective is to reject the other team’s attack by shooting the leather balls out of the air with a bow and arrow.

Teams recruit the best of the best marksmen in the draft after every season from either young, retired soldiers in the army, or from people who voluntarily devote their life to Griffoxball.

With the rules placed and the player selection clarified, what are the teams?

There are four divisions in Griffoxball, the NGC(Northern Griffoxball Conference) and SGC(Southern Griffoxball Conference). Here are the teams in the divisions:


Talustrian Isle Waves

Aldaran Banderghals

Vost Sparrows

Morilan Ivories

Sorilan Shields



Devgard Tridents

Therid Oslyns

Canodrian Warriors

Medoic Spell casters

Daldran Bandits

I am a huge sports fan, so I had a blast creating this sport!

As always everyone, see ya next week! Go Tridents!